Trained as a graphic-designer with a visual merchandising background I worked many years in advertising (as art-director, creative director and self-employed) - always passionated about art history, fashion, design, photography and image styles in general (and Retro-Style in particular).

While creating fashion drawings and fashion illustrations I use various styles and techniques and like to experiment with traditional methods (like pastels, watercolors, acrylics, inks, charcoal) and digital methods (working with Adobe CC, iMac, iPad, wacom-Tablet). Besides that I love mixing both - analog and digital (mostly as collage art). 

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I'm no live-artist - my artworks aren’t quick sketches (even if they sometimes seem to be). For me, fashion illustration is no „l’art pour l’art“ - I always try to make fashion illustration "applicable": As great key visual and inspiring eye-catcher for so many possible uses.
Whether for trend studies, on advertising materials or invitation cards - whether for advertisements, editorial stories or for presentations: depending on the technique, each illustration and each illustration style has its own individual expression - especially for your label, your promotion or your company. You can find an overview of my services >> here.
Fashion-illustrator & visual artist, // Freelance Designer Advertising & Communication, MARC PICARD Lederwaren GmbH // Self-employed graphic designer, the independent graphic design // Freelance graphic designer (art director / creative director) for various advertising agencies (Frankfurt area) // advertising director / creative director, Computec Media AG

Städelschule University of Fine Arts, Frankfurt (evening school)
Contents: Nude and figure drawing, drawing, painting, art and style history, color theory, portrait drawing and painting, various painting techniques; 

Graphic design studies at Neue Kunsthochschule Zürich (extra-occupational)
Contents: Life drawing, portraiture, fashion drawing, writing, art and style history, landscape drawing, caricature, advertising design, production customer, advertising text, advertising theory

Apprenticeship as a designer for visual merchandising (CCI)
Contents: color theory, product drawing, figurative drawing, writing and writing, perspective, technical drawing, history of art and style